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Who is Nora? Nora is a keyboard playing kitty with a difference. She plays the piano and, boy, does she play well! This article will introduce you to Nora's cat play in the most fascinating way!

Business Cat meme

Business cat: Catch that red dot is a famous cat meme. The cat is a business cat. Cat’s feel different with the red dot. They likes to chase these red dot made by the laser. - See more 11 Best cat memes

Twilight - LOLcats style

awesome Expert Advice For Keeping Your Cat Healthy And Happy!

kitty works hard for the money

Sometimes cats can be sexy, smooth and loving. So is it any wonder why I have found images of pole dancing cats?


Funny pictures about He's Not The Ferocious Hunter He Thought He Was. Oh, and cool pics about He's Not The Ferocious Hunter He Thought He Was. Also, He's Not The Ferocious Hunter He Thought He Was photos.

meme is silly but I love his face Wonder how many folks remember the old Oscar Mayer  (sp? ) ads. It was a little jingle about Bologna and focused on spelling. Couldn't stop laughing when I saw the kitty and that particular caption. Love the lil guy's face and the "nom nom bit. "

50 Cat Memes: Grab-Bag Edition

Funny pictures about Captain Kitteh. Oh, and cool pics about Captain Kitteh. Also, Captain Kitteh photos.