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Pepperoni Pizza Hand Pies - make it a bit leaner and lighter.switch out for reduced fat crescents.and add a drizzle of good olive oil :)

pepperoni hand-pie(going to use turkey pepperoni)

Like a calzone, this pizza pocket is oozing with cheesy goodness! Flaky crescents make an easy wrapper.

A new way to prepare pizza, in a convenient palm-sized hand pie!


Pepperoni-Pizza Monkey Bread

Pepperoni-Pizza Monkey Bread

Pepperoni-Pizza Monkey Bread used stewed tomatoes, garlic, oregano, and onion to make chunky sauce in the food processor. baked in muffin tins for smaller pizzas. very kid friendly and yummy enough to keep my hubs happy!

Pepperoni Pizza Snacks

Bubble Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza Snacks - Breadstick dough bakes up golden brown around a spicy bite of pepperoni and gooey mozzarella.

Southwestern Hand Pies

Southwestern Hand Pies

simple recipe for black bean and chicken-stuffed hand pies ready in just 30 minutes!

Big & Cheesy Pepperoni Hand easy and quick. use crescent rolls!

Big & Cheesy Pepperoni Pockets

Big and cheesy pepperoni pocket; Enjoy these cheesy pepperoni hand pies made using Pillsbury® Big & Flaky dinner rolls – a delicious dinner that’s ready in 25 minutes.

Pepperoni Pizza Pie Pops

Pie Crust Recipes

Kids will love these savory pie pops, filled with Cheddar cheese and turkey pepperoni.

No reason to call for delivery. These easy pizza-flavored rolls are ready in a snap!

Pepperoni Pizza-Flavored Rolls How-To

Pepperoni Pizza Flavored Rolls made easy with Pillsbury® refrigerated pizza crust. *Would be neat to add lollipop sticks to each roll :) 'LOLLIPOP PIZZA POPS'

Pizza in a Crescent...quick and easy, the boys would love these!

Pizza in a Crescent

Pizza in a Crescent (Cooking for Two) 1 can oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated count) crescent dinner rolls 28 pepperoni slices (from a 3 oz package) 2 tablespoons spaghetti or pizza sauce 4 slices mozzarella cheese (from a package)

How can you go wrong when combining pizza and spaghetti in one dish?

Quick, Fast and in a Hurry: Pepperoni Pizza Spaghetti Casserole

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Spaghetti Casserole recipe Made this w/ gluten free pasta. Was a hit w/ hubby. Note- Extra sauce was needed for the GF pasta.

From classic crowd-pleasing appetizers to easy everyday favorites, when you cook with crescents, your options are unlimited.


Enjoy these cheesy pepperoni hand pies made using Pillsbury® Big & Flaky dinner rolls – a delicious dinner that’s ready in 25 minutes.

Four Cheese Pepperoni Knots

Four Cheese Pepperoni Pizza Knots

Four Cheese Pepperoni Knots


Pepperoni Pizza Hand Pies

30 minutes
∙ Serves 4
  • 1 cup Pepperoni, mini slices
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 cup Marinara sauce
Bread & Baked Goods
  • 1 can Pillsbury grands ! big & flaky crescent dinner rolls
  • 1 cup Mozzarella cheese
  • 1 tbsp Water

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