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four best friends:)@Aubree Toupin@Avery Calton@Alyson Johnson (4.0)

Be more social/make a better effort to be with the people I love and make new friends

Se van a divertir como locas.

Fotos que tu cabello y el de tu mejor amiga necesitan

Why do I even have a friends board? None of my friends even want to take pictures with me, none of them even go on Pinterest. I send her loads of cute fair pictures to take and what does she do at the fair? Hangs out with her new friends. Idek what I should do anymore.

None of my friend let me eat cotton candy with out making me cry or irritate. I love cotton candy and they know it but they like making me die for it. I hate they do that but the trith is i love it too deep down and what would i be if one day they stop.