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I literally couldn't stop myself from LOLing the hardest I ever have. Right now when i'm typing this I am smiling and trying not to laugh

17 Harry Potter Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Check out the dumbest and most hilarious puns about Harry Potter, Snape, Dumbledore, and MORE in this funny Smosh photo gallery!

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Funny pictures about Quidditch practice. Oh, and cool pics about Quidditch practice. Also, Quidditch practice photos.

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In this post, I have collected funny animal pictures with thoughts of these cute animals. These funny pictures of animals will grab your attention at once.

Harry Potter List of Spells and What They Do from 9gag.

List of Harry Potter Spells

List of Harry Potter Spells. Most popular tags for this image include: potterhead, harry potter, hp, spells and wand

Collection of Harry Potter memes

Collection of Harry Potter memes

Good job Hermione, you stopped Voldemort from taking out your eye.

Funniest thing I've read in a while!

How it probably went down when the Hogwarts founders picked the school motto. It's more fun when you know latin.

Harry Potter facts

I really want to call the Hogwarts Hotline (obviously the dog being up for adoption is long over) Professor McGonagall is the same age as my

Guys,its getting darker ebcause of the depression and tragedy in teh movie,OR because tis almost over and then come sour sorrow

evolution of WB logo for harry potter Funny How I spotted this right away and everyone thought I was mad. Also, the sky's get darker at every movie