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FARMHOUSE – ANIMALS – springtime is a time for renewal and rebirth on the farm, baby pigs are actually some of the most beautiful creatures on a farm.

Counting Sheep, via Flickr.

grrrreat pin showing couple of sheep and love the different colors and textures of their wool!

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Please live vegan. She is not a leg of lamb. She is a beautiful baby who wants…

It's like I wanna see all lambs!!! Not in a dish!

"Sprung lambs" - *New Zealand* Happy lambs [Photographer Andrew Walmsley - September 22

Cute little lamb I want one I have a pig now I want a lamb and a duck already have 4 chickens  and I want a horse

cute baby animals from thedesigninspirat. Cute little lamb I love baby animals.

So cute

polar bear baby animals why do they kill these poor little cuties for FOOD! makes no sense I has a happy! Animal Babies such cute animals.

Sähköposti – mikael_lith@hotmail.com

Ryeland Sheep with their lambs, going for a stroll. the little black sheeps of the family~