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OhMyy ♥0♥

151030 K Pop World Festival in Changwon [Changwon Sport Park]

key predebut - Google Search

SHINee top to bottom: onew, taemin, minho, key, & are so cute then and now

SHINee @CeCi Magazine 2014

Taemin, Minho, Onew, Key and Jonghyun SHINee - Céci Magazine December

Jonghyun and his many faces. I just knew someone would make one of these; he's so animated!

Jonghyun and his many faces. Happy birthday to Jonghyun!

Sexy jonghyun

what are you doing to my bias list? You're climbing it as you ruin it.

Some peeps look good without makeup, or mostly natural-looking makeup, but I guess not much people think of it that way...

Haha, Key, so true! Of course they would know what they look like when applying make up.