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"I've always thought that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don't fake or hide their feelings, and they are the most loyal creatures on Earth. And yet somehow we humans think we are smarter. What a joke!" Quote by the wonderful Pink

Oh yes!!!!!!

Keep calm a doggy kiss will make it better. All the time. Bear would always kiss my boo-boo's to make them better.

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I couldn't pin this link from facebook for Lost Dogs in Washington: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lost-Dogs-Washington/206838712676286 Please take a look at these lost dogs. If it is your area just keep an eye out for them. Thanks.

"Dogs Leave Pawprints on Your Heart" Wooden Dog Signs

Life without dogs.NO WAY. I can't imagine life without my fur babies

Pet Sign, My Windows aren't dirty that's just my dogs nose art, handpainted, rustic, distressed, wall sign, puppy paws, dog, pets, animals, humane

Pet Sign, My Windows Aren't Dirty That's Just My Dogs Nose Art

This is the perfect sign for the dog lover. You are a special breed and understand this sign completely! This handmade distressed wooden sign is x in size*. It has a yellow background with nav

The Road to My Heart is Paved With Paw Prints (Gray) Art Print #DogQuotes

The Road to My Heart is Paved With Paw Prints (Gray) Art Print #DogQuotes

Love you bubby!!!!!!

My children have four legs and feelings like anyone else. I have loved my children since I was a baby myself.

T-shirt. I want this!

"Rescued" is my favorite breed! All our pets are rescue animals and they are our favorite breeds and wonderfully loving fur-babies.


No Home is Complete.Without the Pitter Patter of Doggy Feet This great sign for the dog lover is on a painted black worn finish sign with

Ha ha ha ha. Of course, I usually continue to rev him up by exclaiming, "Bailey! Who is it? Who's there?!"

My dog must think he is popular. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, he always assumes it's for him.

She was a gift

if a dog has brightened your life and every day silently accepted your tears without judgement snuggled with you forgiven your faults and loved you unconditionally then you know what a gift dogs are to this world.

My dog is family... Follow me if yours is too.

My dog (s) is/are family - my companions / loyal friends. I pet my dog. My pet is my family - my companion / loyal friend.