a woman standing on top of a white rug covered in a large, shaggy blanket

Meet my newest creations. Earthy palette design rug inspiration.

Natural white wool and cream Moroccan rug. Made from premium soft wool. High end luxury finish handmade piece. Berber Amazigh Moroccan Rug. Ruggable. Living room inspiration design Earthy color palette decor idea. Perfect for a nursery, living room. Tapis berber. marokkanischer Teppich. モロッコ絨毯 摩洛哥地毯 The perfect rug for a liveable luxury or laid bac luxuruous design inspiration 3 X 5, 4 X 6, 5 X 7, 5 X 8 and large sizes 10x8. Beni Ourain style rug, Small business. Living room rug. Nursery…