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Getting to Know Presidency & Apostles - Great General Conference Time Activity - PowerPoint and Worksheets

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Get to know our first presidency and quorum of the twelve apostles!
Included in this listing:
1. "PresidencyApostlesFont" PowerPoint (also comes as PDF) with a short bio for each of the brethren. Just enough information for the participants to maybe pick up on something but not enough to be too overwhelming. All the information is from their bio on lds.org. It includes a transition on each page so you have to click in order to see the name... allowing participants to say the brethren's name and see if they are right.
2. "GeneralAuthoritiesWorksheetQuotes" in which the Worksheet goes right along with the PowerPoint that can be filled out while going through the PowerPoint. The quotes page has a famous quote from each of the brethren. Awesome to be folded up and put in scriptures to have a little modern day revelation. Print one copy of these two pages for each participant.
3. "GeneralAuthoritiesTrivia" has trivia questions that can be used to play a game. Print this once, and then cut into cards.
4. "GeneralAuthoritesFilledOut" has the worksheet answers filled in. Print this once your teacher's reference.
Suggested use:
Depending on how many participants you have, assign them each brethren to look up BEFORE you look at the PowerPoint. Have them use their devices (phone, kindle, iPad) to fill in the blanks on the worksheet. Once everyone is done, allow the participants to present the brethren that they researched to the group... in which they could also add anything they would like that's not listed on the PowerPoint but they learned during their research. Hook your laptop up to a TV so that everyone can see. Once everyone has filled out their whole worksheet, you can ask them to put it away and see how much they remember by playing a trivia game. Split the group into two, and have the two teams compete to answer the trivia questions first.
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