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Heart Word Cards, Posters, Brain Breaks & Games: Fry Sight Words, Red Words Set One and More!

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These No Prep Heart Word Cards and Games are fully aligned with the Science of Reading!
400 words, including the 1st and 2nd Hundred Fry Words, are included.
Please take a look at the preview to see the full list of words that are included as well as the highly supportive key for long vowels, short vowels, r-controlled vowels and more!
On each poster and card, the featured word is presented in a clear primary font.
Parts of the word that early readers are likely to need support decoding are presented in purple and marked with a heart (because that's the part to remember by heart).
This set includes both heart words and decodable high frequency words. Basic decodable words are presented in plain black text.
To aid in student engagement, this resource includes Brain Break Activities, a Word Reading Compare Game, a Word Reading Bang Game, and Letter Count & Sort Activities!
Please Note: The individual items within this bundle are NOT additional words. Working from the 400 Heart Words, they are split out by featured skills to make it easier to access the needed words at any given time.
Many thanks for stopping by and taking a look!
Anne Gardner
(National Board Certified in Literacy)
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