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Interactive Bingo- Numbers and Quantities in tens frames

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This game is played like Bingo but instead of using an object to mark the number, students trace the number when it is called. This makes the students more engaged and involved to identify numbers and tens frames quantities. Each student receieves a bingo card with 8 different numbers on it. It is played until a student has traced all of the numbers on their game board.
It is broken down to make it easier for students to play. The first 5 student recording bingo sheets have only the numbers 1-10 for a total of 15 boards. For the numbers 1-20, there are also 10 sheets with 3 different game boards on each sheet for 30 different game boards total. The sheets can be cut on the lines and each student receives a small game board.
There are two different versions included. You can either play with students identifying the number with the caller picking a card and students identifying the number on that card. If can also be played with the tens frames cards where students are to identify the amount and mark that number on their board.
This can be played whole group but is also a great small group game for students who are having trouble identifying numbers. It can either be played teacher directed or students can play it in learning centers once they learn how to play the game.
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