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Premium Chair Cover with Curly Chiffon Ruffled Sashes - Mustard Yellow

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Premium curly chiffon designer chair cover and ruffled sashes from Leilani Wholesale will add an elegant touch to your wedding decorations! High-quality and extra full chiffon fabric will help to create a romantic atmosphere for your event. Extra wide sashes could be tied in a variety of ways. Additional Information: * Quantity: Each order is for 1 chiffon chair cover. * There are 2 separate parts per each cover: 6 curly sashes and 1 straight chair cap.* Each curly sash measures approx. 32" long.* Straight chair cap measures 1.8 feet wide and 6.5 feet long. * Material: Chiffon. Edges are serged. * Please Note: Covers and sashes are shipped untied.* Brooches, rings and other decorations are sold separately.