the sweet life of primary english short o word family
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Short o CVC Word Family Center Activity

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This resource contains 27 short o CVC puzzles, complete with a picture, the onset, and rime for the picture! Students work to match the beginning sounds and word families. Students should then use magnet letters, letter tiles, letter beads, or paper letters to build the word and practice their sounds. Short e word families included are: -ob -od -og -om -op -ot -ox There are 27 different jigsaw patterns to keep students from simply matching the shapes together. No two puzzles are the same! Their attention should be on finding the correct letters that correspond with the sounds they hear in the picture word(s). Once students have matched the puzzle pieces and built the word, they will then transfer the word to their recording sheets. There is one generic recording sheet, along with 3 sets of differentiated recording sheets that include a picture to help students keep track of where they leave off, if the center is not finished in one rotation. There is a set of recording sheets that is completely blank for those students who are ready to work 100% independently. There is a set of recording sheets that includes the beginning letter and students trace the word family spelling pattern, for those students who need to focus more on the word family. There is a set of recording sheets that students will trace the whole word. Organization Due to the number of pieces for the puzzle portion and recording sheets for each student, I store these in a colored clipboard with storage. The clipboards are color coordinated with the vowel sets in Jigsaw Jams. Each vowel will have its own color and is stored appropriately. For example, short o is blue, therefore the puzzle pieces and recording sheets will be stored in the blue clipboard with storage.
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