an open plastic container filled with different types of sea animals and seashells on top of a wooden table
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Under the Sea Mini Kit, Sensory Kit, Playdough Kit, Childrens Gifts, Early Childhood

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Take a splash with our Under the Sea Mini Kit! 🌊🦈
Recommended for 3+
Kit includes:
2 playdoughs+glitter
2 coral story stones
4 randomly selected sea animals
Variety of gems
Small bag of sand
Metallic straws
Sea shells
1 mermaid
Craft sticks
19.5cm x 16cm
EYLF connections
Outcome 3 ✅
Children strengthen fine motor muscles through using play dough by rolling, squishing and flattening the dough.
Outcome 4 ✅
During the early years through imaginative and pretend play children promote their imagination and creativity. They use their senses to explore the world around them familiarising themselves with different textures.
Outcome 5 ✅
Through imaginative play it encourages children to communicate verbally and helps to develop vocabulary in the form of simple words like colours and texture. They make meaning using a range of media to guide their own exploration and experience.
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