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there are many hats hanging from hooks on the wall and teddy bears next to them
Daoun Hat Rack for Baseball Caps - 2 Pieces Adhesive Hat Organizer Wall Mount, Strong Hat Storage Organizer for Baseball Cap No Drilling Hat Holder for Door, Closet and Wall
Awesome Kitchen Organization Hacks
there are several different types of cords attached to the same device that is plugged in
Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of!
two oven mitts and a spatula hanging on a cabinet
Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas That Add Storage
5 Keys to Great Under Sink Organization
two pictures of eggs in an egg carton being held by someone's hand
Genius Organization Ideas You NEED
Find an inexpensive CD holder and turn it into a place to store your lids to your Tupperware! Click the picture for more details!
an open closet with clothes and umbrellas on it's shelf next to the door
there is a plate, utensils and bottles on the counter top next to each other
a rack with brooms, brushes and other household cleaning items hanging on the wall