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ch: Peoples of the Galaxy

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© 2022 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. The Zion Angel is said to be an angelic guardian protector who watches over the souls of all who come to explore Zion National Park. As the story goes, in 1972 an angel rescued a young girl named Becky who had strayed from her family and suffered a life-threatening fall off a high cliff near a Zion hiking trail.


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Besalisk gunrunner Gabon Tass


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Luke Fisher at Krop.com
© 2022 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. If you hear a shrill, shrieking cry in the forests of Maine’s Acadia National Park… beware! A White Walker may be nearby. This feral beast is said to be at least 7ft tall, looking quite like Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest but clad entirely in white fur.
© 2022 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Yowies are thought by some to be the Australian bigfoot, though descriptions of the creature vary. The creature is said to live in the Outback and other rural parts of Australia. The most sightings have been recorded in eastern Australian states. In Aboriginal legends, yowie-type creatures are discussed in great detail, with the creature described as a hairy, ape-like man anywhere from 6ft to 11ft tall.


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December Diamonds ornaments


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The Golden Fleece by Edmund Dulac
eliana's art


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vintage Devil (and Krampus) related postcards compiled by Monte Beauchamp in the book Devilish Greetings


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© 2022 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Cave Dragons in Yellowstone National Park?? Sure enough, there have been legends dating back centuries of fire-breathing beasts residing in the volcanic underground of Yellowstone. Particularly in the Canyon area, visitors may hear deep rumblings beneath the ground, the stirring of ancient beasts of our imagination and of legend and lore.


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Garsa's Sanctuary


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Arthur Rackham

Dryads & Ents

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Forged in the damp and cold depths of the Dwarven mountains, this brew is blended with mushroom, moss and minerals. To serve this brew, boil cave water over your blacksmithing hearth and let brew for 12 hours. Legend has it, this recipe gives one unnatural strength, focus and intelligence in crafting. Wolfdôr.com
Balin from the Rankin-Bass Hobbit


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Brian Froud


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December Diamonds ornaments
December Diamonds ornaments
December Diamonds ornaments


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Fauns & Satyrs

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Ralph McQuarrie


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Odd Jorge
Odd Jorge


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Nordiska Väsen by Johan Egerkrans
© 2022 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Gnomes are mythical beings with a strange, interesting background. Known worldwide as small, dwarf-like, garden-dwelling creatures, the word “gnome” comes from the Latin’ gnomus’ or Greek’ gnosis,’ which has roots in the ancient Greek words for ‘knowledge of hidden treasure’ and ‘earth dweller.’ The traditional gnomes are closely linked to the mythology of the classical elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Air).


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© 2022 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Are they creatures from another world? Or subterranean dwellers rising up from Kentucky's more than 130 known caves? From a 1955 encounter on the Sutton farm where the Sutton family and several neighbors bore witness to nightly attacks by dozens of "little green men" to more recent sightings of goblin-like creatures, what are the Kentucky goblins, and why have they chosen this region for their alleged invasion?
Black Demon from the Oz Wiki


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item# QL5761057 at Toscano


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Wreckloose by Jin Saotome at figurerealm.com
Virginie Ropars
The Hobbit from animationscreencaps.com

Great Spiders & Jorogumo

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Alex Webb


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McGavin Miniatures at Etsy
McGavin Miniatures at Etsy


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Jesus Jerez Fuentes

Illithids & Quarrens

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Rankin Bass Hobbit
inga-h on Deviant Art


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