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an orange and blue gift box with a tag on it
40 Amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas You can Make Yourself
three envelopes with thank you stickers on them
(ENG)습자지로 선물포장하기-Simple Tissue paper wrapping ideas / Gift Wrapping #64
Gift Bag Tissue Paper Hack
Growing up I remember thinking it was so funny that my grandma (whom I called Oma) would save wrapping paper. She would open her presents so carefully, fold the paper up very nicely, and then go around the room picking up everyone else’s wrapping paper to salvage for next year’s gifts. And while those memories still bring back such a special memory that also makes me chuckle a little bit, I’ve come to realize that genetics are a funny thing. Call me crazy if you want, but I love to reuse tissue paper (if it’s not torn up). I have a whole basket of folded-up tissue paper that I keep next to our wrapping paper and gift bags that I can pull from as needed. So when I shared this little hack last year, I was suprsied that people thought I used too many pieces of tissue paper and that they
a person holding up a small gift box with hearts and fringes on the inside
3 tissue paper gift wrapping ideas for Valentine's Day (or any day!) - Think.Make.Share.
four wrapped presents are sitting on the floor next to each other, tied with blue ribbon
brown paper packages with painted on string (CAKIES)
there are crayons on top of the eraser and it says color me
Turn receiving a gift into an interactive experience.
DIY Christmas Bows / Tulle Bows DIY / How to Make a Bow With Ribbon / How to Make Bows With Ribbon
Ultimate Gift Box Hack