Taurus Facts, People often think Taurus are flirting, but we're just being friendly.)Story of my life!

Taurus ♉

Taurus can seem upset for no reason, but they're just trying to work out their problems alone Taurus Yup May 19

Great at distancing

Taurus are great at distancing themselves from people. So be careful how you treat them - fitting for my life at this time!

Taurus loves to be adored but only wants minimal spotlight.♦ℬїт¢ℌαℓї¢їøυ﹩♦

Taurus loves to be adored but only wants minimal spotlight. Exactly, wanting the spotlight from someone specific.

.Real Estate is my life - make me your friend for life - you won't be disappointed

A Taurus goodbye. When Taurus is finally tired of trying, they will just leave, no fight, no argument and sometimes not even a goodbye.

Taurus Leggings

Taurus Leggings

One of the earth signs is the Taurus, where the bull represents the Taurus sign with a valid reason of course since people who are burn under this sign can be v