moods by LEGO face... Use in conjunction with How does your engine run? or as part of another program to help students identify their arousal state.

Lego facial expressions for feelings How Do You Feel Today? Image by Designholic

balloon ping pong! The kids really liked playing this. Great for rainy day inside play.

DIY: Balloon Ping Pong - great for rainy days or a party activity! Just glue a paper plate to a craft stick- or even a paint stirrer. And start blowing up balloons!


Realistic action poses of human figures in varying positions. A very helpful reference, especially for gun-wielding hero and heroine characters!

Nyt välipalaksi pilttiä:) ja korkit käyttöön!

Jar Lid Letter Game

Using baby food jar lids and foam letters. Turn the lids over and play Memory, trying to find the matching letters. Or could turn these into fridge magnets. SO doing this next time we have lots of baby food jars in the house!


Couple poses references - looks a little NSFW towards the middle but might use some of these for photoshoot poses.

Rustic New York Real Wedding | Confetti Daydreams – Guest sign-in book displayed on a table decorated with tealight candles, old bottles filled with flowers and a candle in a wooden lantern box set upon a tree stump ♥

17 Diagrams That Will Help You Draw (Almost) Anything