Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos

Sauna with a view / Lago Ranco, Chile.

Un sauna dans la mai

Simple sauna.


sauna design with window wall over view.

Light and Dark Sauna

If anyone knows me, they know that I was born to live in warm weather. I am cold-natured (what does that mean exactly). I sleep in the fetal position, wear layers during the summer months, and sneak to adjust the thermostat when Ryan isn't looking. I love a picture of a sauna is appropriate for my wall! Turn the heat up!

Finnleo Sauna at HotSpring of La Crosse.

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I would like to create a retreat center where women can learn how to Choose Wiser. And it would have many places for healing and peace.

Ahhh, tuesdays are redwood sauna days!

A STEAM ROOM.//See How This 1913 Edwardian Was Transformed Into a Modern Masterpiece: A stunning stone steam room leads to the interior sauna.

Gemütlich, funktional, modern – was will man mehr

Estelle - Sauna | Asuntomessut Sauna - Lauteet: haapaa, valkovahattu Tikkurilan saunavahalla, Kovera laude / Kärävä Oy - Kiuas: Iki Cube

Modern and clean Sauna

Ceramic Nuoska sauna heater in Asuntomessut, Tampere

Welcome to Tulikivi

Tulikivi Naava electrical sauna heater can also be integrated in the sauna pannels.

Tulikivi - nice and simple design

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Sauna in light colors! A good alternative to the usual awful yellow wood.

Pärtynmaja - Sauna | Asuntomessut Lappenrannassa 2012

sauna for low ceilings?

Lankkulaude ja STS-Paneeli

15 x 120 mm STS-paneeli - Suomen Tervaleppä


Sauna heaters and sauna stoves