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The mere thought of sneaking out for a lunchtime yoga class may be laughable, especially now that we're all asked to do more and more on the job. But that doesn't mean you have to stay stagnant for hours. There are effective moves you can do right at your desk, ones that will help you get a mental breather and make sure your neck, back, arms, hips and wrists remain in good working order. | Health.com

5 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk – Stuck at a desk job? There are ways to sneak in exercise at work. These yoga moves ease neck and back strain and tone too! Best of all: You can do them all in your chair!

Dairy-Free Berries & Cream Tart // #vegan #dairyfree #tart #berries #dessert #baking #Goodful

Dairy-Free Berries & Cream Tart // #vegan #dairyfree #tart #berries #dessert #baking #Goodful

Aquafaba conversions

Aquafaba is one of the most exciting developments in egg-free baking. But what is aquafaba and how can you use it? Read on for some great tips and tricks and some inspiring recipes.


Modern Inverted Bob This short, dramatic style is edgy and modern with every snip. Working in a darker under layer and leaving cool blonde strands up top, this is a style inspired by salon pictures but able to look totally unique on each and every woman.