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Pirjo Kuisma

Pirjo Kuisma
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great garden pathway

Wonderful mix of material for garden path. Cobblestone sectioned between random pattern of bricks (reclaimed bricks offer a softer mellow tone of age along with irregular edges) and plantings of different types of thyme. Bordered with bricks as well.

personalized quilt label

Just a reminder---No excuse not to make such a simple label. Finish the bias edge with the same fabric as the binding. Then tuck the other two sides into the corner before applying the binding. Hand-stitch the long edge down.

#Aurifil Top Ten Tuesday this week a fun collection of free tutorials on how to make quilt labels, sleeves or tabs, and quilt display and storage! So many useful tips for all levels of quilters!  For all the tips please visit https://auribuzz.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/top-ten-tuesday-quilt-labels-hanging-and-folding/

Tag Quilt Label Idea + details about what to include on your labels. have you tried sharpie? I figure if anyone has it's you and I think this is how I want to label my quilts, but I'm nervous about washing the sharpie.

Truly one of the great & classy actresses ~ Helen Mirren

Beauty has no expiration date, she’s not beautiful for her age, she is just beautiful. Redefine beauty, love the face you have today and never apologize. As I told my daughter when she asked me how she could be beautiful, be beautiful and it will show