Finnish mittens

Finnish mittens, beautiful merino wool mittens knitted in a traditional Nordic folk pattern with fringing around the wrist. I've been on a Nordic folk pattern kick lately

Blue glass(Amuletti) by Tamara Aladin,Riihimäen lasi.

From my childhood, but in lime color. The Amuletti vase from the designed by Tamara Aladin for the Finnish glassworks house Riihimäen Lasi.

burnt orange tones

Love the simplicity, ethnic pattern textiles, orange color palette, white walls, wood floor and plant

Iittala from Finland, available @ ROAM Minneapolis.

Sarpaneva cast iron pot was designed in 1960 by Timo Sarpaneva, one of the biggest names in Finnish design, well-known all over the world. In the same year the pot was awarded the silver medal at the Milan Triennale. Sarpaneva cast iron pot became in shor