Pirjo Mustonen

Pirjo Mustonen

Kuusamo, Finland / Uuden työn luoja Kuusamosta - jääräpäinen ja kovakorvainen. Murene, harmaa kivi!
Pirjo Mustonen
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Flydalsjuvet, Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger, Norway : Flydalsjuvet by Stian Rekdal on Fivehundredpx. My drunken ancestors would sit on this promontory and hurl into the fjord.

Luna from Harry Potter . #HarryPotter

Funny pictures about Evanna Lynch Was a True Fan. Oh, and cool pics about Evanna Lynch Was a True Fan. Also, Evanna Lynch Was a True Fan photos.

Järvi merenrannalla

Sorvagsvatn - lake over the ocean. Lake Sorvagsvatn - The Two Level Lake on Vagar Island. Located on the island of Vagar, in the Faroe Islands, Lake Sorvagsvatn (also known as Leitisvatn) is an amazing lake.


Watering Can Waterfall Fountain. Just need an outdoor pump, some tubing, and watering cans. this is the basic idea of filtering water through drums to save