Painted Rock

≈ Hand Painted Rock – Kitty sleeping on a rock, i LOVE that they added the design to part of the rock and kept the rest natural as part of the design

f62e1ad8a4c87ba5f1e42fe1d007ea01.jpg 518 ×400 pixel

Amazing painted rock Egg this is a human but we can also do ones with animals coming out. these would be perfect for my pet rocks

Sleeping Tabby Cat as White Mice Tiptoe, painted rocks by Shelli Bowler, this painted stone is ready for purchase

Couchage chat Tabby comme White Mice Tiptoe, peint des roches par Shelli Bowler, œuvres d'Art originales Cat and mouse

Cobblestone coin purses............Haha awesome!  Love the teeth!

Japanese production of pebble purse, is the real stone, and a zipper up of a mosaic - tempting to try this using felted wool