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Pirkko Rantala

Pirkko Rantala
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GENERAL PRECAUTIONS  In all parts of the garden, pests and diseases can play havoc with the crops, whether flower, fruit or vegetable. These insect pests are divided into three classes according to the type of destruction they do and the necessary control. Those that live in the soil can only be destroyed by the use of a soil fumigant o

Rose problems==I know I have had rose bushes that had at least a few of these disease wrong with them, thank you World In Green for putting them all in the same place!

concrete-orbs---22 - http://www.madebybarb.com/2015/10/04/concrete-garden-orbs/concrete-orbs-22/

Make your own Concrete Garden Orbs with this DIY tutorial. Inflatable molds and cement dipped fabric and yarn make this an easy garden decor.

common garden pests and how to manage them

COMMON GARDEN PESTS - We show you how to protect your garden from annoying pests. There are many simple ways to prevent little animals and bugs from ruining your harvest.

Tomato Trellis and Cage Ideas

32 Free DIY Tomato Trellis & Cage Ideas to Grow Your Tomato Big and Healthy -- Do you have a smaller yard that has limited growing space for your tomato? What if you just don’t like the idea of having a huge garden because of maintenance? We’ve put togeth

Queen of Sweden Roses

Such a pretty rose, love to have these in my yard.~Queen of Sweden - David Austin pink rose~ Yes, my favorite. I want a huge row of these off my screen porch.