All about me bag:  beginning of the year  I did this last year and the students loved it!

All about me bag - Each child fills the bag with 4 things about them and brings it into school. They can decorate the bag too. I did this with my own items as a first day of school ice breaker. Maybe get large paper sacks from the grocery

Erilaisuudesta, ystävänpäivä/uskonto/päivänavaus

Don't Laugh at Me- good for classroom discussions on being understanding and accepting of others. Plus, it's a Reading Rainbow book!

Yhteistyö on voimaa (video 1.19)

Teaching kids the power of teamwork. The Power of Union is Strength - Crabs VS Ants VS Penguins Advertisement.

Positiivinen pedagogiikka

I AM social, hard-working, ambitious and crearive person.

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