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The Awesome Control Rooms that Run the World // #bafco #bafcointeriors Visit for more inspirations.

Every day, an army of computers and human operators toil in control rooms, providing electricity to a city, guiding planes across the sky, or searching.

Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge by Ralph McQuarrie

TESB: A view straight down the nose of Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer is similar to the view of a cockpit in a large aircraft. In the center is a console which contains telephones and other equipment.

concept ships

Another nice concept ship image from Francis Tsai. Keywords: concept ship render from francis tsai gray grey cavern asteroids asteroid b.

Lego spaceship from the flickr photostream of Pierre E Fieschi.

Here you can see the main feature of the Field command Ship , it's armored maintenance bay , capable of holding a few corvettes and fighter squads for repairs and refuel.