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Giant Floppy Saint Tropez Hat
Giant Floppy Saint Tropez Hat
Rondinis, the shoes you can only find in Saint-Tropez- from Garance Dore's blog. Summer Sandals, Dress Sandals, Lace Up Flat, Sandals Summer, Perfect Summer, Lace Up, Sandals a été vendu sur DomExpire
Rondinis, the shoes you can only find in Saint-Tropez- from Garance Dore's blog.
a room filled with lots of potted plants and flowers
various vases and ornaments are on display in a room with other items around them
Easter around the corner
a store filled with lots of different types of pillows and vases in front of it
Robin and hummingbird
two bags of ketchup sitting next to each other on top of a table
Caffa Roastery´s coffee mx for us in Lauttasaari. Available also in beans. Nice gift idea for both men and women.
colorful flowers are sitting in a blue pot on the table next to other flower pots
This weeks favourite flowers;-)
a bag of tea sitting on top of a table
We have our very own Lauttasaari Tea. 4 flavours Blueberry, Mango, Late Evening tea and Jasmine.
a bouquet of orange tulips on a white background
We have weekly new fresh flowers, welcome to pick up your favourite ones
three different types of candle holders in gold and black, each with a metal lid
The Most Popular Scent Coriander
Ready for Hollidays Luggage, Holliday, Ready
Ready for Hollidays
a small red car with a christmas tree on top in the middle of a snowy street
Hugh, something to remember
several wrapped gift boxes with ribbons and bows
Newly Packed;-)
the closet is full of clothes and bags
Collection of Womens clothes
two long horn steer skulls with red and white pillows
Combine colours from winter with the fresh mint. Real skulls in a size large and small.