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These memes are samples from my work in progress, "Inspiration for Everyday People,"a self-empowerment workbook.
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fireworks in the night sky with a quote about to every single being out there let's reaffirm and celebrate the value of life
INSPIRATION FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Week of 5/7/23. The theme this week is "Celebrating Life." Focus your energy towards the good things in life, whether they are great or small joys, unexpected or planned, a part of your daily routine or the celebrations of special occasions. #lifeisgood #focusonthegood #womensupportingwomen
a brick wall with a quote on it that says, have patience remember that it is brick by brick that the strongest houses are built
So what if it will take time? The time will pass anyway. Remember the story of "The Three Little Pigs?"
a hand holding a notebook with an open book on it and the words ideas are gifts receive them, appreciate them, use them or don't be surprised if the giving stops
Make the most of what you are given.
a quote on water that says rather than try to do too much at once or become frozen into doing nothing take one thing at a time, do it well, and let that be good enough
Keep overwhelment in in check!
a hand holding a string with the words, thou shall not minimize thyself
Hold steadfast to the value of you.
a compass with the words stop fighting to be understood either they get you or they don't
Let that ish go! Why don'tcha?
a person standing on top of a hill under a purple and blue sky with stars
A wise person has said, "Where focus goes, energy flows." And to that I say, "So why not focus on your own gifts?" After all, a celebrity is just someone who believed in themselves enough to keep practicing until they got it perfect.
an image with the quote do happily what your time, energy, and money enable you to and do not fret about the rest it will come
Minimize stress. Go with the flow. That will help keep you more efficient.
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a white wall smiling
Focus not on our differences, but the things we have in common.
a person jumping up in the air with a heart shaped light above them and a quote written below
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a man with dreadlocks is looking up at the sky and has his hand on his chin
Get tripped up, fall down, arise, dust off, and keep going. Some how, some way. As if your quality of life depends on it... because it does.
a day at the fair one woman's welfare passage
A Day at the Fare: One Woman's Welfare Passage
A Day at the Fare: One Woman's Welfare Passage Apex Dawn ...
a blackboard with the quote in life we all must learn our lessons be concerned about how much each lesson cost and do what you can to minimize the price whenever possible
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