Pekka Pohjakallio

Pekka Pohjakallio

Pekka Pohjakallio
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10 Tips for better sleep

10 tips for better sleep. These are all solid except falling asleep and waking up using your internal alarm clock. My internal alarm clock wants to sleep from My internal alarm clock would never ever wale me up for work.

Infographic: 10 tips to keep calm and reduce stress

Dig deep and challenge yourself to view 2 positive angles to every stress that is on your mind. Soon you will have more reason to be grateful than stressed! Keep calm & reduce stress

Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging by Greatist:

The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging [INFOGRAPHIC] When buzzing phones and overflowing inboxes start to overwhelm, it's easier than you may think to take a break from technology. Read on for our best tips.

Infographic: Stress and your health

Stress & Your Health Infographic Health infographics, Healthy food infographics, Healthy living infographics mind body spirit nutrition work tips fitness goals motivation inspiration food foods diet exercise lifestyle sleep

Infographic: The Road to Ultimate Productivity (by Samsung):

If you're feeling overworked but not getting anything done, science has the answer. Research has identified the least-productive behaviours and the biggest distractions.