Group hug!

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Wishing to be a White Tiger. He is just so happy! :D ●■●follow my animal board for more cute pins please P:jamieriahi92 ●■●

Funny pictures about He looks so happy. Oh, and cool pics about He looks so happy. Also, He looks so happy.

“Indeed, there is nothing on this earth more peaceful than a sleeping, purring…


I hate to be reminded that it is Monday !:( Wake me up when Friday comes wink emoticon wink emoticon wink emoticon ‪ Ahead! Get Up and keep the show going no matter if it's Monday Morning smile emoticon !

Sleep Over Buddies. Two cats sleep in an incredible position - how amazing they…

Hey, give us some privacy!

Does it get any better than warm socks, a cup of tea and a furry cat on your lap? (except: it looks like a cup of you see any tea?

"You can't look at a sleeping cat and feel tense." --Jane Pauley

* * CAT SNIP: Cool Cats - Cats are very clever about keeping cool in hot weather. Outdoor cats will head for a shady spot; indoor cats will flatten themselves out, perhaps in the bottom of an empty bathtub.

lazy days

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Our pet family can give us hugs that nourish as much as hugs from friends. A hug is a a hug.and our pet friends too.

Got milk? As a child we had milk delivered in the glass bottle just like this in…