Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics swan mom, - swim Mom.we want to see the other side of the lake.

❥ mother swan hiding baby swan under her wings... beautiful in every way

❥ Mother swan hiding baby swan (cygnet) under her wings. beautiful in every way!


The still life photographers' guide to lighting: 4 techniques, 4 different effects

I love you like this mama loves her baby. (via / Photo “A Mother’s Love” by Jacky Parker)

Swans entwined

Cisne- Swans in Love. When I was little, to me, swans were the most beautiful creatures on earth. I was always heartened by the 'Ugly Duckling' story and hoped I'd turn into a swan someday. Never happened!

swan, black & white photograph

{colour inspiration : petal pink & a little romance} Pink Swan


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swan, snow

maybe he is making tracks for the snow and geese