Foot-strengthening exercises for dancers from Dance Teacher magazine

Foot Strengthening: Advice from Dance Teacher Magazine on strengthening your feet.

Sara Mearns, New York City Ballet - Photographer NYC Dance Project

yoiness: “ © NYC Dance Project Sara Mearns, New York City Ballet ”

Shoko Nakamura

Shoko Nakamura is invited guest in Mikhailovsky Ballet. Shoko Nakamura born in Fukuoka (Japan). She started ballet lessons at 7 years of age, and at 16 years won the prestigious ballet competition in Lausanne and received a scholarship to the school.

Really want to try this new shoe!  Bloch Dramatica Stretch Pointe Shoes / Bloch

Bloch Dramatica Stretch Pointe Shoes / Bloch - the only pointe shoe I've seen with a separated sole

Silver pointe shoes... Isabella Boylston, American Ballet Theatre

Let them praise his name with dancing Psalm ~~~ [© NYC Dance Project ~ Isabella Boylston, American Ballet Theatre]

Bloch Euro Stretch - Move Dancewear®

Bloch Euro Stretch - Move Dancewear® I really want to try these pointe shoes!

Anna Tsygankova © Angela Sterling

Anna Tsygankova Het - Anna Tsygankova Het Nationale Ballet Balanchine Program (The Dutch National Ballet) - Ballet балет Ballerina Балерина Dancer Danse Танцуйте Dancing ---

Gaynor Minden's new skin tone colors, here seen in capuccino

Erica Lall from American Ballet Theatre wearing the new cappucino base color Gaynor Minden pointe shoes!

Bloch European Balance Ballet Pointe Shoes

European balance pointe shoes for women by Bloch. The shoe accommodates most foot shapes.