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Ceramic lamp "Girl with fish"
a ceramic bird lamp with a light bulb on it's head
Table Lamps | Oliver Bonas
✨ Crafted Love: Clay Heart Shape Plate DIY & Crafts! ❤️✨
Infuse love into your space with this Clay Heart Shape Plate DIY & Crafts project! Dive into the art of crafting a heartwarming plate that adds a touch of handmade elegance to your home. 🌟✂️ Create a piece of art that radiates love and creativity! 🎨🍽️
a hand holding a small ceramic clock with red lips and eyebrows on it's face
two red devil magnets sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Loteria Card El Diablito #2 | Large
"Our Devotion Loteria Cards are an artistic twist of one of the worlds oldest card games known as \"La Loteria\". The \"El Diablito\" Loteria placard available in 2 sizes both the Large and Small wall hanging sculptures are made up of 2 pieces. The artisan sculpted Devil and thick ceramic tablet fix together with iron pin, tablet is equipped with a hook to hang on the wall, or display on easel for everyone to appreciate. Artisan sculpted ceramic that is hand painted in rich colors finished with
a yellow ceramic planter with eyes on it
Цветочный горшок "Рыба в тапках"
Горшок для комнатных растений - рыба фугу. Керамика ручной работы
a hand holding up a small television with an eye on it's screen in front of some pink and purple sequins
Cenicero de tele
a hand holding up a small ceramic sun with red eyes and the words, the sun