Posio, Lapland

Posio is renowned for its large water and wilderness areas. The four seasons of nature are each very different in Lapland. The northern location makes the winters dark and cold, where as summer is warm and the sun never sets. Spring and Autumn ar the times when these two extremes are battling of who gets to take over. More information at www.posio.fi
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Frosty morning at Posio, Lapland

Frosty morning at Posio, Finnish Lapland

Reindeer herd

Lapland Finland, Reindeer, Lapin

Moose and the fog

The Fog, Moose, Finland, Beautiful Things

Sunrise and at the same time sunset in Kirintövaara

December and January are the darkest months of the year in Lapland. In Posio the sun barely rises above the horizon and is visible only for few hours.

Early fisher on lake Suolijärvi

Early fishing on lake Suolijärvi, Lapland Finland.

Sunset over lake Posio

Lapland Finland, Sunsets

Floating sauna, Posio Lapland

Saunaship in Posio offers a unique sauna experience in the lappish nature.

Cloudberries, photo by Pertti Tikkanen

Cloudberries, photo by Pertti Tikkanen