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a machine that is sitting on the ground in front of some tools and other items
Homemade Tubing Bender
Tubing Bender by DMoneyAllstar -- Homemade tubing bender based on a JD2 Model 3. Bender is outfitted with SWAG mount and an air/hydraulic cylinder. Custom dies were machined from T6061.
a ruler and a pencil on top of a white circle with the word measure written below it
How to Find the Center of A Circle With Only A Ruler or Square
Trouver le centre d'un cercle
the diagram shows an air conditioner being used to heat up and cool down with water
Adam's compressor enclosure - Tested
a machine that is making some kind of thing out of wood and metal parts on the table
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a person using a wood plane to cut planks
184 – Coves on the Tablesaw & the Parallelogram Cove Jig
Holzkanal. Durch schrittweises Anpassen des Anstellwinkels bis hin zur V-Form…
two pictures showing how to use a nailer on wood planks
a man is holding a pair of scissors in front of a piece of paper on a table
Read This Article, Master The Topic Of Woodwork
an instruction for how to use a drill
Time Tested Restorations
I needed to enlarge a previously drilled hole. Since I couldn’t use my hole saw’s pilot bit to center the hole, and I didn't have my drill press with me, I had to come up with a solution. What worked for me was to connect two hole saws together. One was the size of the existing hole. This saw "guided" the other hole saw that was the size of the hole I needed to drill.