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You Should Add These 9 Superfoods to Your Breakfast

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Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal (aside from weekend brunch with your besties!), because it’s the meal that will help determine the energy levels for the rest of your day. A healthy, balanced breakfast can make you a happier, healthier person. So why not aim to make your breakfast the best it can be by adding some amazing superfoods to the mix?

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Dark Chocolate: Last, because why not? That’s right, dark chocolate is a superfood! It contains flavonols: anti-oxidant compounds that help maintain healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart. As well, the anti-oxidants are good for your gums and teeth, so suck on a little piece now and then to get the best out of your little treat.

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Goji Berries: Goji berries are the Beyonce of breakfast foods. Anti-oxidants, amino acids, and 20 vitamins and mineral. Put these on everything and anything your heart desires to see your immunity get boosted, your eyesight improve, and your hormones balanced.

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Flax Seeds: Add these to your yogurt or oatmeal for an extra boost of nutrition. Flax seeds contain more of those omega fatty acids that can help boost your immune system, brain function, and joint function. One tablespoon a day and you’re on your way to health-city (population: you).

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Salmon: Add salmon to your eggs, or have some fresh with a little cheese if you like, because it’s filled with lovely nutrients. Salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and make your skin extra healthy.

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Strawberries: Move over oranges! One cup of strawberries can fulfill your vitamin C requirements for the day. The anti-oxidants in strawberries can help repair tissue and boost immunity as well.

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Green Tea: We know you all want a cup of coffee in the morning, and so do we! But before you brew, start with a cup of green tea to help prevent everything from cancer to heart disease. That’s because green tea contains catechins, which help inhibit growth of cancer cells by preventing the activity of free radicals. That’s a mouthful, so just remember, green tea is great!

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Oatmeal: Yep! Top your oatmeal with some blueberries to make a super-superfood. Oatmeal helps aid digestion, increase metabolism, and even lower cholesterol, not to mention it tastes amazing. Aim for natural oatmeals, without added sugar, for your best bet in the morning.

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Blueberries: Oh my! Blueberries are a a little blue ball of heaven, so of course they’re a superfood. Vitamin C, fiber, and cancer fighting anti-oxidants make these the ideal addition to yogurt or, better yet, our next superfood…

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Greek Yogurt: We are firm believers of starting every morning with a serving of yogurt, especially when it’s Greek! Thick, creamy, and delicious this superfood is filled with protein and probiotics that help push bad bacteria out of your body.