Local Author Day 2013

An annual event that is being held this year on April 13th in 2013. Over 40 area authors display and sign books from 1-4 pm as part of a daylong event that…
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Opium Dreams, a Historical Romantic Suspense novel, centers around an infamous opium den in 1883 London and is the debut work by author Jennie Giardine. Romantic Suspense Novels, Romantic Suspense, Grade School, Book Signing, Barnes And Noble, Cover Art, Book Worth Reading, Worth Reading, Reading
Opium Dreams, a Historical Romantic Suspense novel, centers around an infamous opium den in 1883 London and is the debut work by author Jennie Giardine.
a book cover for sniffer the maltese in world famous
Sniffer The Maltese: World Famous
Sniffer The Maltese: World Famous by Luis de Agustin In this the inaugural volume of Sniffer The Maltese Comics, worldwide fans of the vain and cocky little canine are treated to the long awaited official and complete story of how their beloved celebrity dog became World Famous. The collection includes many other brand new funny comics featuring the charming little wise guy.
a statue with the words village teacher next to it
Village Teacher by neihtn In the early days of French colonization of Vietnam, a village teacher went to the capital to take part in the palace examinations. A chance encounter with a Vietnamese-French young woman led to a series of trials and tribulations set against the background of a crumbling monarchy and the awakening of national resistance against the new colonial regime.
the book beyond fences by hodge stayy deaton is shown in green and red
Beyond Fences: A Memoir: 1937 - 1970
Beyond Fences: A Memoir: 1937 - 1970: Helge Staby Deaton. Why on earth did J.W. Redecker, Helge’s great-grandfather, emigrate from Germany in 1867 to this last most inhospitable corner of the African continent that was not yet a colony? What motivated her father, H. Staby, to leave Germany in 1929, hoping to find a better life in the same now post-colonial country, South-West Africa? In this book, the author, now a US citizen, searches for her identity as a 4th generation descendant of Redecker.
a book cover with the title seven steps for success on top of a stack of books
College Disability Accommodations Information - Elizabeth C. Hamblet
7 Steps to Success: High School to College Transition Strategies for Students with Disabilities by Elizabeth C. Hamblet. Students with learning disabilities and ADD need special consideration, yet these students can thrive in educational environments which not only accommodate their differences, but also understand and support their strengths. Elizabeth Hamblet's expertise is navigating the field in advance to align the optimal future college experience for students.
an advertisement for the book, antidistalism inferanistically speaking
Antidisestablishmentarianistically Speaking: More Captions to the Cartoons We Live by H. Alan Tansson. This book rises above the mess we've made of our world, a world at the end of our nose. Page after page, this glorious compendium of essays provides wholehearted laughter at our miserable condition and the uncanny ability for humanism to persevere.
the cover of heart race by kelly j bumbaugh, with a black dog in front
HEART RACE by Kelly Bumbaugh A passionate love affair, a corrupt incumbent and a heated political campaign form a perfect storm of political intrigue. When young attorney, Kasey Butler, decided to run for U.S Senate from New Hampshire, she never imagined she would experience both love and hatred in the same yea
a book cover with an image of a child in blue shirt and the title surviving the wreck
Surviving the Wreck
Surviving the Wreck by Susan Osborn.Surviving the Wreck Click to buy! “Surviving the Wreck is a chilling novel about the silences in ‘normal’ families, the pain behind those silences, and the need to turn silence into speech.” —Alicia Ostriker, author of No Heaven and The Volcano Sequence
the book cover for women living consciusity, with an image of a woman holding
Women Living Consciously
Women Living Consciously (with chapter by Tonya S. Coy). Do You Want to Wake Up and Live Consciously, Or Let Life Do It for You? Conscious living is something to which you can aspire, awaken, and put into practice--no matter whether you ve chosen it or it has chosen you; it can become a powerful way of life! Share the impassioned stories in this book by women who've enriched and re-directed their lives to transform into a new way of being.
a butterfly that is sitting on a flower
Mindful Writing: Embracing Transience
Mindful Writing: Embracing Transience: Kani M Ilangovan M.D. I invite you to experience your life more fully, moment by moment, through the use of writing exercises and pieces for reflection. I invite you to cultivate a relationship with yourself. You are your lifelong companion, from birth until death. You may as well befriend yourself. Writing is a wonderful way to develop this friendship. Mindfulness grants greater intimacy and familiarity with the world and ourselves.
the book cover for mirage of truth by l e rose
Mirage of Truth by L.E. Rose
Mirage of Truth by L.E. Rose Entangled in a delusion of desires, a gambler, a mercenary, and a warlord try to harness a seasoned woman as their possession. But she is an America woman, a Jersey girl who is not about to become any man’s captured butterfly. Now, only a poker game can determine her fate.
the delaware and rattan canal at work by linda s barra image is in color
The Delaware and Raritan Canal at Work, a follow up book on the D Canal by Linda J. Barth, introduces new topics: businesses that operated along the canal, the variety of vessels that used the waterway, the nuts and bolts of how the machinery and structures operated, and a “then-and-now” comparison using historic photographs and the corresponding current view of the canal park.
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the words, a testament for arielda
A Testament for Ariela. Miriam Lipschutz Yevick began writing letters to her two-month-old granddaughter, Ariela, in 1985, and continued right through to Arielas wedding in 2006 and her motherhood in 2008. In sharing her thoughts, her values, her self-awareness, and her rapturous relationship with art and with nature, Yevick reveals the inner life of a woman of science, of passion, and of deep philosophical insight.
an open book with the title finish your book, a time management guide for writer
Finish Your Book! | A Time Management Guide for Writers
Finish Your Book by Karen Hodges Miller. If you’re having trouble finishing your book –read this book! You’re writing a book. You have a few chapters and a nice, solid outline. You’ve told everyone you know that you’re working on it. But a lot of other things have come up. . But the only way you will ever have one written is to sit down and FINISH YOUR BOOK!
the book cover for dark fairy i, the benevolents
Dark Faery I: The Benevolents by Bridget McGowan. This book is a story of a young tooth Faery, Teilo Feather, who loves music. His fascination with a band leads him to become involved with those known as Dark Faery. His girlfriend, Jessica, warns him about the danger of the Dark Faery, but she knows no more about them than he does. But who are the Dark Faery, and is Teilo willing to possibly give up everything he knows for the sake of music and to surrender to the truth of the Dark Faery?