Santeri Ahola

Santeri Ahola
Finland / Ex-Buddhist forest monk. Agronomy student. Organic vegetarian grower. Traceur/freerunner.
Santeri Ahola
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The spring Morning glory grow

Today's video continues where I left in the previous one. I prepared the soil and planted the lemon, potato, apple and morning glory seeds.

Planting seeds and climbing trees

The spring planting season is finally here in Finland. I prepared potato, morning glory, apple and lemon seeds for planting.

My daily life of freerunning

I was talking about making a parkour training video today. I went to a local gym that has all the gymnastic equipment one could hope for.

Freerunning, school and yerba mate

I’m just talking about my life and plans of making a parkour training video tomorrow.

Freerunning a nearby schoolyard

Freerunning a nearby schoolyard

Climbing a birdwatching tower

I had a little freerunning fun today at the Kyrkösjärvi birdwatching tower.

Bridge climbing & freerunning by the river

I haven't been able to go for freerunning adventures for the past few months because of knee injury. After studying chemistry in school.