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Emma Suomalainen

Emma Suomalainen
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Hogwarts houses, cross stitch embroidery by Alicia Sivertsson

Mini Hogwarts house crest buttons, cross stitch pattern by Alicia Sivertsson, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw from the magical world of Harry Potter.

Drawing Stuff, Drawing Tips, A Style

Brandi3981 Commission by Kamirah.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Chibi& commission for *tngapch Hope you like it! Characters belongs to *tngapch Artwork by me

Heather: a cute young pup who is very playful. She is very fast and is a skilled hunter already. She likes to collects things that humans have lost and is best friends with Mia.She wants to become a medicine wolf.She is curious and loves to explore. need parents. power:unknown

Sandy female gnaw wolf got her name for her sand colored coat malcadh because she can't smell

Chibi Batch 2 by Kamirah on deviantART

Second batch of chibi (semi-chibi) commissions done! c: Commissioned by: Kitchiki xWhiteDreamsx ultravires FireFlufferz Snowfoo Sutexii ClaireLyxa (Contest prize) Chibi commissions are open.

Teacup Dragons

Updated the species sheet! All the Teacup species info is totally optional if it doesn't jive with the charac.