Floor pillows! Oh my! This is a must!

Make Your Own Floor Pillows

DIY Giant Floor Pillows - great idea but I'm worried my dogs would use them as beds and then my future kids might want to lay in the dog beds

This is a handy apron to have instead of trying to hold things in the end of my T-shirt.

how to make fabric doll eyes

Although Lisa is making a doll with these beautiful eyes, I'm thinking that embroidering a doll's face onto a tee or jacket would be pretty fun. Big Little: Doll Making - Colouring the Eyes

Sensory Blanket for Alzheimer's/Dementia Patient Care | Sezen

Sensory Blanket (Fidget/Busy Blanket) for Alzheimer's/Dementia Patient Care.

Soft books are great first toys fro babies. Get the tutorial.

How To Make a Soft Book

Put your sewing skills to good use and make this special soft book for a toddler in your life. It's an adorable gift they'll love to play with. Learn How to Make a Soft Book with these instructions.

Pipon ompelu, helppo video-ohje! -easy hat tutorial video, Finnish.  DIY  https://youtu.be/wfL_xweFeys

Pipon ompelu, helppo video-ohje! -easy hat tutorial video, Finnish. DIY https://youtu.be/wfL_xweFeys

Felicia - visible mending as an art form... Boro

Visible Mending as an art form.

Bottle Bibs for Baby - Makes Feeding so much easier than burp pad under the chin and less messy. super simple to make - but would it work? Be worth the trouble? - knickknackcraft.com

No more messy bottle feeding with these custom Baby Bottle Bibs! The perfect solution for cleaner, neater feedings. Made of soft flannel, the

Kleiner Abfall-Fänger aus Wachstuch ...ich brauch sowas auch unbedingt

Clever idea: use spring loaded table clamps to attach scrap bin to sewing table.

For our February Mini Quilt of the Month we decided to venture into the world of circles.  So often in quilts straight lines and right angles dictate our designs since they seem more approachable, but with this super simple technique of appliqueing circles, the possibilities are endless!  Inspired by the design of our Liberty Swatch Portrait Wall which greets our customers as they arrive in our Soho shop, we used the wonderfully soft and cheerful Liberty of London Tana Lawn in a rainbow of…

Mini Quilt of the Month- February: Liberty of London Tana Lawn Cicular Applique - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

With a recently potty trained toddler and lots of road trips this summer I decided to take some precautions… Because I really can’t think of much worse than having to sit in a soggy car seat for 4 hours- ick… But… even if you aren’t potty training right now you could also whip one of [Read More]

Piddle Pad Tutorial

DIY Piddle Pad for a car seat for a recently potty trained toddler. <-- need this, as BabyZilla is officially potty trained!