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many different types of electrical plugs are arranged on the wall
Modern porcelain HDMI socket inspired by retro design. This one in pearl shade. Used to connect the TV to multimedia content sources. Because they are also capable of transmitting audio and internet connections, it is not necessary to connect dozens of cables to the television. With glazed surface. With a highly durable surface and colour fastness. CE conformity certificate available on request. Decorative cover. Guarantee 50 years. Exceptionally durable mechanism with guaranteed warranty of 10
three checkered cups and two bowls on a white surface with shadows from the sheets
Checkerboard Ceramic Tray
Checkerboard Ceramic Tray – Kanyon Shop
there are many different items on the table next to each other, including candles and seashells
• Youuu •
a yellow smiley face vase with blue flowers in it
Smiley Face Ceramic Vase
This has to be the happiest vase we have ever seen! Sweet, funny and smiling vase In a fabulous vibrant yellow and pink smiley face Add a small bunch of fresh or dried blooms to create a cute look, or stand alone to add charm to you interiors.A perfect gift for any teenager thats proud of their room or for someone that has embraced the 70s vibe once more !This sunny vase is a fantastic addition to any table and will put a smile on your face. Great for storing a bundle of pencils or make up brush
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7 doe-het-zelfpakketten voor kinderen van alle leeftijden op Amazon
a black and white cat sitting next to a cactus
Desert Cat illustration | Cat art, Art painting, Diy canvas art
a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, in green and pink
CALM WOMAN PORTRAIT Poster by Sandra Poliakov