PUTIIK Blog | 'Top 5 Tips for Trackside Glamour on Melbourne Cup Day' | Australian Stylist from That's My Style by Bernadette

Melbourne Cup Day is one of the most prestigious events in racing history and for fashion-loving women, it's all about the outfit trackside.

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The fashion industry is huge with new stores and fashion labels popping up every single day.

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When you are constantly exposed to such amazing and unique styles - one can’t help but get inspired!

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I love watching fashion shows. The designers work so hard to create amazing outfits. It’s such an honour to attend fashion shows and have the opportunity to view their creations firsthand.

PUTIIK Blog | 'The Perfect Outfit by Saara-Samantha' | Estonian Stylist and Designer #SaaraSamantha

A perfect outfit is something that makes you feel amazing and powerful. I personally think people should be proud to be seen and proud to look good.

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Here's a fashion advise from Jen Rade, stylist to Angelina Jolie and Jenna Fischer." If it's cleavage, don't show your legs. If it's your legs, stay covered on top.

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When I think of Scandinavian design, I see simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Clean lines, simple design and quality fabrications.

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How do you donate or discard clothing responsibly? We’ve put together a list of our 7 favorite things to do when you rip, outgrow, or fall out of love with your closet.

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As a personal stylist I don’t only focus on body shape principles. I look at the individual as a whole.