Pekko Vehviläinen

Pekko Vehviläinen

Vuokatti, Finland / PhD, entrepreneur, analytics, digital health and wearable tech expert. CEO of Digital Health Solutions Ltd.
Pekko Vehviläinen
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Did you know that we sit for an average of seven hours a day? Learn how excessive sitting can have a negative impact on your #health and ways you can add more movement into your day

How often do you find yourself sitting during the day? Make a conscious effort to get up and move often so not to negatively affect your health.

Sitting is killing us. You gotta get up and move around! Every couple hours get up out of your chair and do some yoga or go for a walk around the office.

Infographic: Why Prolonged Sitting & Standing Are Bad For You Sitting too much will probably shorten your life. Entrepreneurs sit a lot. No wonder recently this new smart cushion Darma became instantly popular on Kickstarter.

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Widebody Lamborghini Huracan LB Performance render imagines the Huracan with a bit of extra oomph.