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Margaret Bourke-White photographing the Chrysler Building. Margaret Bourke-White working atop Chrysler Building, New York City, 1934 Photo by Oscar Graubner

Women Share Pervasive Myths About Womenhood That Are Totally False and Infuriating

If you're a woman, you deal with a lot of misconceptions about your gender. These are the pervasive myths about being a women that women are fed up with.

Heart and Soul ~ Pillars of Star Formation. is also known as IC and together with IC 1805 form a complex region of star formation popularly dubbed the Heart and Soul Nebulas. lies about light years away toward the constellation of Cassiopeia. Nasa, Structure Of The Universe, Spitzer Space Telescope, Hubble Space, Astronomy Pictures, Star Formation, Light Year, Dark Matter, To Infinity And Beyond

APOD: 2011 November 20 - W5: Pillars of Star Formation

A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.

A haunting image of the blight ridden tomatoes in the garden.

The wheel on the Golden Hinde

'The last leaf of autumn'

#The forest floor#