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Negan stumbled into the armchair. "What the fuck...why is there only one candle lit- Holy shit!" His eyes went wide. "What the fuck are you doing?!" Nova screeched as he rushed over, kicking the planchette across the room. "What the hell, Neegs!" "I don't want you fucking with that thing!" "Are you kidding me?!" Nova erupted into laughter. "Oh MY God...are you scared of an Ouija board?! You are a pussy!"

""Here ghostie ghostie ghostie!" Charlie sang out. Brian perked up at the insensitivity and swung at the back of Charlie's head."- When the gang tries to contact Matt in the second book.

I say I'm going to be cute and girly, but in reality I would totally pair my mustard cardigan with a band shirt and possibly leather shorts/pants.

Baby Girl (on Wattpad) #Teen Fiction #amwriting #wattpad

"Life isn't just unicorns and glitter" "It's sad and dark place for humans"