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4 Técnicas para Trenzas Cascadas 😱 | 4 Técnicas para Trenzas Cascadas 😱 | By katherinesalazaroficial | Hello how are you ? How are you ? In this video I'm going to teach you four ways to do waterfall braids if you like hairstyles and you know you can stay at the end of this video for waterfall braid number one first you must separate a strip in this area from the side and you gonna split it up in two parts and always a wick will fall on the bottom and a wick in the upper area now in the center of these two you must always place a wick that you pull from the top so we will grab a wick from the upper and you go to go through the center of these two highlights that you just separated and there you drop it right? Once it falls like this you're going to pass the wick back forward spinning it like this. Now once you turned you're going to grab again a wick on the side of the side you're gonna drop it down the center of these two wicks and once it fell you're gonna turn these two wicks just the back you're gonna send it over go ahead and see how you're going to look this braid waterfall number one or grab a twig from the top, you pass it to the center, and these two twigs, you turn it, the back will always go forward over the other, this way, another v This is what I'm talking about you're going to grab a wick at the top, you're gonna drop it through the center of these two wicks, and once it fell, you're going give it a spin, we repeat the process, once again, you grab wick at top pass it through the center and once you passed it through the center just turn these two highlights the back will always go forward but above the one that is in this position this way and here you would tie it with a tie and you would get this waterfall braid ba sica with this technique for the second braid also you will grab a wick in the front in this area and you will no longer do it in two parts but in four parts, then we will divide in four parts so that they will always be two mechitas in the center area and two witches in the ends area, then these two wicks in the center I'm going to place it forward and these two wicks from the ends I'm going To place it backwards and from the top I'm going separate a wick and I'm going to go through the center of these four highlights, yeah? There it goes towards it and it's going to stay this way, look at it, two highlights in the center, one feather in this area and two highlights at the ends, what you're going to do is what's next, you're going pass these two highlights from the front back and these two highlights that were in the back, you're going to move forward and it's going to stay like this. You're going to grab one more wick from the top area and you're going to pass it towards the center again knowing that on the side you got two wick left and in the front two too and see what you're gonna do. You're gonna place your index finger and thumb in this part of the center and you're gonna grab it like it's a pliers, the two wicks forward, and you're going to pull it back this way so you reverse the positions, yeah? One more time. You're going to have two highlights in the front, two highlights in the back, and you're going to grab a highlight from the top, you're gonna comb your hair right and you're gonna go through the center of these two parts. Remember two highlights left in the back and the front too. So what you're gonna do next, you're gonna place your thumb with the index finger back here, like it's a pliers, you're going to grab the two screws forward, and you're gonna change places. And look how that double waterfall braid looks on you. There it is. Once again we repeated the process. Ima grab a wick from the top. There I grab a wick from the top, comb real good and I'm going to drop it in the center of these two parts. Remember the back has two highlights and the front too. And watch what you're going to do with the pliers you form with your index and thumb. You're gonna grab the two highlights up front. And you're gonna drag it back by changing places with these highlights. And it's automatically made a double waterfall braid. And that we go one more time you're going to repeat it constantly until you finish all around the head braiding or just half way up, you're gonna place it here in the center, you're going grab the back wick, then you grab the front, and ca of position, and here you can see that, well, in this part you can tie it with a tie, and you will see the difference that if you want you can pull it apart to make a double waterfall braid this way, or you can also do it to have this effect. For waterfall braid number three you are going to separate a strip in the front area. And you're gonna split it into three parts. A section in the upper zone. And two parts at the bottom. Here it is. One, two, and three. And you gone start doing a three strand braid. The top wick you're going to pass it to the center. Bottom wick, back to the center. But in this process, you what you gonna do is this wick coming from the top, you gonna leave it hanging. And you're going to grab a back wick that goes the place of this wick that you left there and now you're gonna follow the process of braiding, the top part you pass it towards the center and here you're gonna have to add another wick part of up then you separate a wick from the top and add it towards the center wick. Now what you gonna do is next. Once you have this wick this way, you would have to pass this wick from the bottom to the center and this wick coming from the top, just like you dropped this, you also drop number two, and you grab a back wick that's going to take its place, and that's it , again we start with the same pattern, the top wick, goes toward the center, accompanied by a slice of the top, and once you passed it, the bottom wick, you also pass it, but this wick remembers that the one that comes from above, so co mo you dropped it the first and the second, you also drop this third, and you grab back wick that's basically going to take the place of this wick right? Again we have three boxes the top wick you pass it to the center accompanied by a wick from the upper area all this you add and direct to the center now this wick below also pass it to the middle but always remember the highlights to come from the top like this from here you're gonna drop it and you're gonna grab a stick from behind that's gonna take its place. We repeated the process once again, the top wick goes to the center with an added hair to the center, then the bottom again to the center and as you know, this wick do not continue braiding, you must drop it and grab a mec hit from back and this process you will continue suddenly until you finish braiding all around or only on this side and here you finish with a flower or a and this is waterfall braid number three and last we have waterfall braid number four in do nde you go to separate a wick from this forehead area and when it comes to waterfall braid is that you are always going to do a braid horizontally and the wick will fall off right? As if it were a waterfall basically and the first thing you're going to do with this section is split it in two parts remembering that this top wick is always going to stay with this horizontal shape and the wick I from the back area is the one going to do the flip or braid in this case this waterfall braid is going to be knot-based and what you are going to do is next you are going to place your fingers behind the bottom wick and above the top wick you are going to give it a turn to tie a knot and there you will leave it, look how you will drop this ponytail, and you will grab again a wick from the back, well, do not pass it in front because if not the effect will not be noticed, but grab the top, but you'll have it in this position, basically behind, this main wick I mentioned to you will always go horizontally and now you're going to re-do the knot, you place these two fingers, both index and middle, as if it were a pliers, you place it behind this wick that you just grabbed, and then over the main wick, and you're going to give it another spin and once you stretch this wick from the top you're going get these arches that just is what gives the braid effect but when dropping these pigtails it gives the waterfall braid effect. Let's repeat the process grab a wick from the back area that basically also comes on top with these two fingers it will form like a clamp you're going to place it behind the wick you just grabbed and then over from the wig on the top and spin it like it was a knot and once I pull this main wig is going to have this effect now I'm going to hold a little more to press these knots more and see how this braid is going to turn out knot base waterfall once again with your fingers behind the bottom wick and above the top and you give it a spin and sometimes you can stay like this which sometimes you do not notice the braided or knot but once that main that comes horizontally, you stretch it, here is going to give the bow shape and I will repeat it once more to look much better this braided look as the fingers go behind the lower wick and above the upper and you're going to turn it around and see how it looks, here you place a hook so it stays well and this is number four of the waterfall braid with knots. So tell me which braid you liked better number one two three or four. Remember that the four braids are waterfall style, but with different shape some with braids, others with knot, but basically always follow the waterfall braid style, so you know, if you liked the video, you know you can share, dale like, comment or send me stars to do more topics of these hairstyles to braid bases and also i leave you at the bottom in the first comment, a link so you can get a special discount on my African braid workshop.
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