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Rusk: Wielder of Dunes by on @DeviantArt

Motto: "The sands of time; they are an active bunch!" Bio: Rusk is one of the few sand people nice enough to become social adept amongst other wielders. Rusk: Wielder of Dunes

A heavy duty Mech Suit for exploring the post apocalyptic wasteland (with thanks to Legoloverman for the inspiration for the hands)

[Teen Titans] Art by angiensca

Teen titans watching Teen titans go! Cyborg:I don't say booyah like that. Starfire:I don't scream when I fire my eye blast! Raven:I do too take my cloak off! Beast Boy:WE KISSED RAVEN! *hugs Raven* Robin:Why do I act like a chicken about to get murdered?