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a person holding a gold colored rose in their hand with the petals still attached to it
a purple flower in a glass filled with ice cubes on a white table top
Shades of Purple
a blue crystal perfume bottle sitting on top of a table
Collectible Sculptures & Figurines for sale | eBay
a blue glass bear statue on a black base
Swarovski African Animals Crystal Collection
a colorful glass bird sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall
a fish sculpture made out of metal and glass
Swarovski Official | Jewelry, Watches and Crystal Decorations
two green and red glass birds standing next to each other on a table with water
Marine & Freshwater
an eagle figurine sitting on top of a crystal base
Swarovski, Entire Collection
a glass cat figurine sitting on top of a black surface with its eyes closed
Swarovski SCS 2019 Amur Leopard Sofia 5428541